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Welcome to Time Tracking Enforcer for Jira Documentation. Go ahead to learn how to install and configure the app to make sure your team’s work logs are recorded accurately and on time.



Time Tracking Enforcer for Jira offers an out-of-the-box solution for motivating your team members to log work hours on a regular basis.

The app allows setting your company's precise time tracking policies and enforcing users to log their work hours by blocking basic functions in Jira.

Use Time Tracking Enforcer as sticks in the ‘sticks-and-carrots’ approach and keep carrots to yourself. 

 Getting Started

 Quick User Guide

  1. Install Time Tracking Enforcer for Jira

  2. Go to Manage Apps tab in the Jira Admin account;

  3. Locate the Time Tracking Enforcer app and add a new policy in the Policies section;

  4. Set enforcement policy rules, a start date, and enable the policy;

  5. Choose Users/User Groups to apply the policy to;

  6. Add policy triggers and customized messages;

  7. Go to the Schedule section to set custom Schedule Lists and Vacation Lists for individual Users or Groups;

  8. Enable email Notifications to remind users about timely work logging (Cloud only).

    Check the Configuration Guide for Cloud or Server to see a detailed setup walkthrough.


Use Case

Time Tracking Enforcer for Jira acts as a manager’s personal assistant helping to cut down on administrative work. The app lets you automate reminders for your team to log their hours accurately and on time.

If a set time-tracking policy is violated and a user’s work hours are not recorded properly, core Jira functions are blocked until their time is up-to-date and they receive a warning message:

The text of the message and the name of the policy can be customized in the Policy Configuration section.



Time Tracking Enforcer for Jira Cloud offers a dashboard gadget to track worklogs in real time.



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